To one investigator it soon became apparent that they were dealing with an open and shut case of unauthorized conversion of company funds. Objective researchers point out that Iran is now one of only three countries left in the world whose central bank is NOT under Rothschild control. [7] A similar joint venture - Burma Five Star Line - was made with the Burmese Government in 1959. ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. is one of the leading carriers in the global container shipping industry. If we are to defeat this Rothschild satanic agenda, we must all work together, shoulder-to-shoulder and hand-in-hand, or we are doomed. The U.S. Navys Diving and Salvage Center can be found in a location as obscure as its namedown what was once a country lane in rural Panama City, a Pro-American Kurds are being sacrificed for Turkish-Russian rapprochement ZIM transported crude oil from Iran to Israel and oil byproducts from Israel to Europe. Enter ZIM Shipping Services: ZIM is a publicly held Israeli international cargo shipping companies and one of the top 20 global carriers, also having headquarters in Norfolk, VA. . View the latest news, buy/sell ratings, SEC filings and insider transactions for your stocks. 121.42%. These world leaders (among many others) are continuously singled-out and red-flagged because of their stern and courageous audacity to openly oppose [and expose] the Rothschild Illuminati power structure, albeit without directly invoking their name. William (Bill) Shaul is a UK Chartered Accountant and works as an independent business consultant. ZIM was founded on June 7, 1945, as the ZIM Palestine Navigation Company Ltd, by the Jewish Agency, the Israel Maritime League and the Histadrut (General Federation of Laborers in the Land of Israel). Institutional investors have sold a total of 27,797,875 shares in the last 24 months. Company and the Lodzia Company. Which ZIM Integrated Shipping Services major shareholders have been selling company stock? Slowly but surely, they started to brutally and forcefully evacuate the land and take over. afficher des publicits et des contenus personnaliss en fonction de vos profils de centres dintrt; mesurer lefficacit des publicits et contenus personnaliss; et. It first worked to carry immigrants fleeing the war from Europe to the future State of Israel. Mr Seroussi is also active in non-profit organizations, including as a co-founder of Tovanot Bechinuch, dedicated to making schools in urban periphery a source of inspiration, Chairman of the Eli Hurvits institute for corporate strategy, in the Tel Aviv University, a member of the board of governors at the Hebrew university, the Weizmann institute of Science, and Shenkar School of design. else $hottheme=""; In 1950s and 1960s, ZIM concentrated on passenger ships, alongside a constant expansion of the cargo shipping business. Long-term charter from MPC Capital AG, Total TEU Capacity (owned and chartered vessels): 344,460 TEU's, Containers: over 547,000 TEUs of various types, About 70 vessels, 13 fully or partly owned, Ports of Call: 180 throughout the world, with 10 strategically located hubs, Services: Over 70 lines and services, mostly on a weekly, fixed-day basis, covering all major trade routes with regional connections, Regional Headquarters: Haifa (Israel), Norfolk, Virginia (USA), Liverpool (United Kingdom), Hamburg (Germany), Hong Kong, Agents: ZIM has more than 170 offices and representatives in over 100 countries throughout the world, This page was last edited on 21 September 2022, at 14:41. On your previous visit, you saved this form for a later use. gregory x reader fnaf. I'S this was true, in Baron Rothschild's view, it amounted to a violation of executive trust since the board of directors of the Israel Corporation had never authorized an investment outside of Israel except in one minor situation, and in that case the investment was directly related to the economy of Israel. Besides, King David absolutely had no star or symbol, as many Orthodox Jewish rabbis would gladly testify. Anyway, why are the Rothschilds obsessed with their ominous control and conquest of big chucks of the Middle East? Most of the $100million was invested by the Israel Corporation in Zim Navigation, the oil refineries in petrochemical companies and the development of tourism. Zim Shipping Finance Limited has 1 shareholder. Zim American Integrated Shipping Services Co. Inc . The firm completed its move to Norfolk from New York City's World Trade Center two weeks before the September 11th terrorist attacks". He who controls the present controls the past. Throughout the Western, mainstream, so-called educational systems, the Rothschilds are what I call the ultimate, obsessive-compulsive architects of control so meticulous that there have been few examples in modern [or post modern] history that matches them. It offers shipping solutions, including the transportation of out-of-gauge cargo, refrigerated cargo, and dangerous and hazardous cargo. Mr. Jacobs currently serves as a non-executive director of Danish Maritime Days, a non-profit public/private partnership between Danish Maritime, the Danish Maritime Authority and the Danish ShipownersAssociation, which he founded in 2014. Zscaler, Inc Plummets, Is It Time To Buy The Dip? How to Decide. No, we are academics; we are not interested in conspiracy theories. Mr. Jacobs has over 40 years of experience in the shipping and transportation industry. From 1998 to 2006, Mr. Sebba served in Yozma Venture Capital, one of . (Bloomberg) -- Three of France's wealthiest dynasties including the owners of luxury giant Chanel are investing in Rothschild & Co. to help take the . Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co. announced in April that it would invest $6.2 million to locate in the new building and would hire 235 people to work in this facility. At this time, the ownership of ZIM was divided between the Israeli government and Israel Corporation. To get a sense of who is truly in control of ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. (), it is important to understand the ownership structure of the business.And the group that holds the biggest . Mr. Shaul holds a bachelors and a masters degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Cambridge University. Zim Integrated Shipping Services (NYSE: ZIM) is owned by 31.13% institutional shareholders, 0.00% Zim Integrated Shipping Services insiders, and 68.87% retail investors. According to the source, Zim's WTC office space had been leased until the . As such, it is my intent in this article to unravel and shed light on any still-lingering confusion by speaking to common people and not just my fellow intellectual elites, academicians, and fellow independent researchers. Learn more on ZIM's institutional investors. And may I remind you of the old Christian proverb that the biggest trick the devil has ever pulled [throughout human history] was to convince the masses that he doesnt exist. It is the biggest cargo shipping company in Israel, and one of the top 20 global carriers. Get 30 Days of MarketBeat All Access Free, Sign in to your free account to enjoy these benefits. In 1981, one of the company's ships, Mezada, was lost at sea. In other words, a multiple decades-long cultural campaign of mass brain-washing to mislead the peoples of the world, especially in Western Europe and North America regions to persuade the public to call what is good evil and to call evil what is good. 5 min read. Profits and cash flows were massive. Interviewed in Paris, representatives of Baron Rothschild have disclosed the background of the affair and proclaimed his determination to take whatever steps may be necessary justify continued investor confidence in the company. They have also denied rumors that Baron Rothschild is considering pulling his investments out Israel because of the scandal. Blackrock Inc is the largest individual Zim Integrated Shipping Services shareholder, owning 3.54M shares representing 2.95% of the company. This is established with a 20 year charter. This widely-known consensus outlook is important in assessing the company's earnings picture, but a powerful factor that . Address: 7th Floor, 201, Dunhua N Road, Songshan District, Taipei City, 10508, China, Republic of (Taiwan) The police are presently determining whether there is sufficient evidence to warrant prosecution. Back to the past, in 2005 Forbes magazine ranked Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the original godfather of this criminal family back in the 18th and early 19th century, as number seven in its list of "The 20 Most Influential Businessmen of All Time. Mr. Caspi has served as a managing and senior partner at the commercial law firm of Caspi & Co. from 1998 to 2018. These included ceiling on company tax and exemption from income tax on profits and dividends for longer initial periods than was customary. In brief, in order to directly control and spiritually abuse the powerful and esoteric energy vortexes of these very ancient and magical lands. [3], In March 2021, Zim reported the biggest profit in its 75-year history. Get short term trading ideas from the MarketBeat Idea Engine. Timothy Geithner, former president of the New York branch of the Fed and later on Barack Obamas Secretary of Treasury from 2008-2012 openly endorsed the one world currency. Additional deposits were made in Rosenbaum enterprises which investigators have traced to the Vaduz trustby companies in which the Israel Corporation is a shareholder. In the past several decades, the Zionists have murdered and victimized millions of innocent and defenseless Palestinians. Meanwhile, revenue is pegged at $3.18 . [7], During the 1960s, ZIM started to turn its focus to cargo ships, and obtained several special-purpose vessels, including refrigerated ships and oil tankers. [5] Some of the other ships that had been used for clandestine immigration before the establishment of Israel as a state were confiscated by the British Mandate authorities and later joined the company's fleet. 9:30 EST Just Became Trading Prime Time! ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd., together with its subsidiaries, provides container shipping and related services in Israel and internationally. [14], In 2014, unloading of a ZIM ship at the Port of Oakland was delayed by anti-Israel protesters. 1791: The Rothschilds through Alexander Hamilton (their agent in George washington s cabinet) set up a central bank in the USA called the Bank of the United States. Mr Seroussi, who has served as a board member and chairman of investment committees in various entities, started his career at the ministry of Finance, where he held a number of senior positions. Eli Glickman. [16] Other protests in Los Angeles[17][18][19][20] and Tacoma, Washington[21] failed to stop the unloading of cargo from ZIM ships. According to the Jewish English historian, Simon Schama, the Rothschilds own 80% of what they have opportunistically called Israel a blasphemy unto itself according to true Torah Jews who correctly point out (according to academic Judaic biblical understanding) that after the destruction of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D. by the Roman General Titus, as prophesized by Jesus Christ some 40 years earlier, that a nation of Israel can ONLY be assembled by the Messiah himself and absolutely by no earthly power or authority and that the contrary is nothing short of a satanic agenda and contrary to the will and directions of the Divine Providence. Hormel Hits 2-Year Low, And The Dip Gets Bought. However, the Rothschild family's rapid accumulation of wealth and power was met with one odious reaction: rampant anti-Semitism. Baron Rothschild that the Israel corporation had deposits in the Internatidnal Credit Bank of Geneva, a bank that rumor had itlater proved correctwas in financial trouble. I would also note that that shipping company Danaos, largest owner of container ships in the world, owns a pre-IPO 10% equity stake in ZIM which has already . The subscriptions were more modest, however (with capital and loans now totaling $100million) and the block participations were subsequently lowered to $100,000. EVP, General Counsel & Company Secretary 9 Andrei Sakharov Street P.O. Learn more on ZIM's institutional investor holdings. From 1998 to 2006, Mr. Sebba served in Yozma Venture Capital, one of Israels prominent venture capital funds in which the XT Group was a founding partner, as a principal and a partner. Back to the resurgence of religion and traditional values, the surge in traditional Catholicism should also be celebrated in countries like Poland, et al., although this is a sensitive topic for Russia, especially after the fall of the USSR in 1991. Black Star Line was formed with a 40% participation by ZIM and principally operated cargo services from West Africa. Would you like to load the details from your saved form? Note: Do not be alarmed by the word occult which literally means, "clandestine, hidden, secret or knowledge of the hidden". The Israel Corporation has met its main goal of investing in projects in Israel. If a leader refuses to accept the loan, he is oftentimes either ousted or assassinated. The company was founded on June 7, 1945 and is . Since much Israeli and foreign Jewish capital has been deposited in this bank, Premier Yitzhak Rabin of Israel has asked directors of three leading Israeli banks Bank Leumi, Bank Hapoalim and Israel Discount Bank to participate in efforts to prevent its liquidation. Like vermin, the Rothschild blood-suckers live to profit from all these societal and economic ills. And one small company is building them for the Pentagon! With the Hughes Optioneering Strategy, youll soon learn that the safest option for new accounts is options themselves! Sign up for's daily newsletter to get the latest insider transactions delivered to your inbox daily. The company also offers ZIMonitor, a . The company sails under the flags of other countries to avoid the boycott. Nous, Yahoo, faisons partie de la famille de marques Yahoo. This is one of the many reasons for their fanatical Russia-phobia media campaign. The most heavily invested institutionals were Acadian Asset Management LLC ($346.97M), Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Ltd ($101.88M), Menora Mivtachim Holdings LTD. ($93.03M), Abrams Bison Investments LLC ($81.81M), BlackRock Inc. ($78.99M), King Street Capital Management L.P. ($72.40M), and Arrowstreet Capital Limited Partnership ($55.12M).Learn more on ZIM's institutional investors. More important than the economic impact, they say, is the fact that two men holding positions of honor in the Israeli community Mr. Rosenbaum and Mr. Tzurare involved in this extremely delicate situation.. Mr. Tzur conceded that it was. 326 E 8th St #105, Sioux Falls, SD 57103 Dr. Liebing has served as Managing Partner of HAMMONIA Reederei GmbH & Co. KG since 2008 and as Managing Director of HAMMONIA Reederei GmbH & Co. KG. We acknowledge that for those who are not part of the general global awakening and the truth movement, such discussions could get too confusing and even overwhelming. President Abraham Lincolns assassin, John Wilkes Booth, was in fact a Rothschild agent. ZIM's last annual dividend came in at $11.4 with a yield of 24.08%. Before 9-11, there were reportedly seven: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, and Iran not that they would amount to much in the macroeconomic global sense. This vessel was refurbished, renamed SS Kedma, and sailed to the future state of Israel in the summer of 1947. Browse our inventory of new and used Trailers For Sale In Dickeyville, Wisconsin at [Tel Aviv District Court Judge Shlomo Levenberg has appointed lawyer Zvi Klir as receiver for all Tibor Rosenbaum's investments and property in Israel at the request of the Israel Corporation, Reuters reported today.]. From 2006 to present, Mr. Sebba has served at XT Hi-Tech, initially as a Vice President and currently as a Managing Director. What matters is that the Rothschilds have always been fully behind this Frankenstein golem, falsely and blasphemously called, Israel, in which the Rothschilds are both the Frankenstein and the golem. The company hiked its dividend -- shareholders are getting a 40% dividend yield right now. Si vous ne souhaitez pas que nos partenaires et nousmmes utilisions des cookies et vos donnes personnelles pour ces motifs supplmentaires, cliquez sur Refuser tout. Jacobs holds a Commercial Diploma from HHK Copenhagen Business School and completed a Management Course at Harvard Business School. For the fictional character and television series, see, Last edited on 21 September 2022, at 14:41, "The Test of Maritime Sovereignty: The Establishment of the Zim National Shipping Company and the Purchase of the Kedmah, 19451952", "The fifty-years success story of a shipping company: 1945-1995", "Germany Delivers Israel's Largest Passenger Ship As Reparations", "Israel Corp. to acquire state's Zim stake for $115m", "Israel Corp calls off Zim shipping flotation", "Zim and MISC signal deepening container ship crisis", "Ofers' Zim navigates around obstacles on way to Hong Kong Stock Exchange IPO", "Volatile atmosphere at Gaza demonstration prevents Longshoremen from entering Port of Oakland terminal (ILWU Coast Longshore Division news release)", "Ship hit by protests unloads, leaves Oakland", "Israeli ship remains at sea as thousands of protesters gather in Oakland", "Calif. protesters block Israel-owned ship at Port of Oakland", "Protesters: We prevented Zim ship from unloading cargo in LA", "Local Groups Picket Israeli Ship at Port of Long Beach", "Protesters Fail to Block Zim Ship in Tacoma", "Israeli cargo ship heads for L.A. to unload after Oakland protest", "Oakland workers on docks refuse to load shipo from Israel", " 55 2004 2003 - [Annual Report for 2004 and fiscal year 2003 - Sale of ZIM shares held by the State]", "Zim's Newlog unit in merger talks with UTi and Transclal", "ZIM confirms US$870 million charter deal for 13 boxships", "ZIM announces new chartering transaction for six 5,500 TEU newbuildings", Zim Israel Navigation Company Ltd.: The Fifty-Years Success Story of a Shipping Company, 19451995, The Test of Maritime Sovereignty: The Establishment of the Zim National Shipping Company and the Purchase of the Kedmah, 19451952,, Long-term charter from Navios Maritime Partners, To be built by HJ Shipbuilding & Construction. This is despite the U.A.E.'s backing of an Arab boycott of Israeli shipping. Turn it slightly to the left or right and you have the Luciferian Baphomet symbol an idol or deity that theKnights Templarwere accused of worshipping. Company shareholders were also granted exception from capital gains and inheritance taxes. The American Congress. Passenger liners were a common means of international transport before the emergence of cheap air transport, and pleasure cruises were also popular. Institutional investors have bought a total of 73,541,133 shares in the last 24 months. 2023 Market data provided is at least 10-minutes delayed and hosted by Barchart Solutions. Despite efforts by the Rothschild-controlled Central Bank of Russia and the use of dozens of billions of foreign For a week now, the world has been attentively watching as scandalous revelations that were made by the representatives Jacob Rothschild has expressed his concerns about the state of financial markets. The grandfather gave large amounts of money to the early settlers who sought refuge in Palestine from pogroms in Eastern Europe. If we aim to truly expose and eventually derail and defeat the satanic Illuminati agenda and the New World Order mechanism or more accurately translated, New Secular (godless) Order which is a more precise translation of the Latin phrase, Novus Ordo Seclorum which has been in making for centuries, then we must arm ourselves with the up-to-now hidden knowledge of not just the version of history that has been [and still is being] taught to students in our Western, mainstream, so-called educational systems, but instead turn to the alternative, hidden version of history which used to only be available and known in various so-called elite, occult, and esoteric circles throughout the world, especially in the Western so-called civilization. Mr. Shaul spent much of his time at KPMG working with large, global listed companies, as well as with high-net-worth individuals. And it couldnt be more wrong! Mr. Sebba holds a bachelors degree in management and industrial engineering from the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel and a masters degree in business administration from the University of Haifa in Haifa, Israel. Their current partial address is Galway, and the company status is Liquidation. if (!empty($row['field_date_view'])) $row['created']=$row['field_date_view']; In what cases will Russia use its nuclear weapons without How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline. Global container shipping and logistics company ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. (NYSE: ZIM) stock has rebounded. Back to the past, in 2005 Forbes magazine ranked Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the original godfather of this criminal family back in the 18 th and early 19 th century, as number seven in its list of "The 20 Most Influential Businessmen of All Time". st lucia ferry to other islands, mass on demand north sydney today,