In the fourth episode "Hammered", Paxton is prosecuting a case where a man drank heavily and murders the woman he met at the bar. In 2002, Charlie attacked her in her home during a psychotic episode. . During his tenure as the chief of detectives, he helped SVU on multiple cases, including a highly controversial one that upset many in the police force. He goes away to prison but before the trial ends, he bribes a juror to use drugged baked goods for them to make him sick and have a way to make a jailbreak. . Agent Lewis specializes in undercover work, often working under assumed identities for weeks or even months at a time. She says that when she came to, the girl was dead. Nicholas "Nick" Amaro is a NYPD detective who has transferred to the Special Victims Unit from Warrants and Narcotics. Sexy and sassy, he brought a sense of humor to the show. She is a former police lieutenant and Detective Stabler's partner approximately four years before he paired with Detective Benson. Later, while watching the boyfriend pick his alleged son up from school, he witnesses the man complete a drug deal using the boy. She is taken hostage midway through season 17 ("Townhouse Incident"), but is rescued unharmed. NBC describes Law & Order: For the Defense as an "unbiased" look at a criminal defense firm, putting the lawyers and the criminal justice system under the microscope and promising a . [30], According to Lahti, Paxton was originally written as a control freak, "needing to always be right and prove others wrong"but behind this were Paxton's fears, insecurities, low self-esteem and an alcohol problem. In the season 8 premiere "Informed", she shows up in New York again when Detective Benson is hounding her eco-terrorism informant to tell her about her rape. In the episode "Remember Me, Too", Pamela is abducted by members of a criminal network Peter is prosecuting, who ultimately invade the psychiatric hospital and shoot her. He appeared in 52 episodes between seasons 312. [59] In the episode "Smut", he is blackmailed when SVU is notified about a video he was sent by an acquaintance showing a dolphin humping a woman on his personal file server, which could be classified as pornography. Cragen enters the room with a pair of handcuffs and tells Lewis she is under arrest for the murder. As seen in "Heartfelt Passages", Sgt. Weve been waiting for someone to stand up to him."[42]. On September 28, 2021, after an 11-year hiatus, NBC announced that the series would be revived for . Moredock recuses himself from the case, in which a rapist claims he was driven by pornography to sexually assault women. A judge sentenced Alex Murdaugh to life in . The character was first created for the NBC police drama Homicide: Life on the Street, where he worked as a homicide detective with the Baltimore Police Department. The last thing Lewis tells Benson is that his death will be the last thing she will see before she dies. Carisi initially has trouble defending her and nearly resigns, but chooses to stay on the case after encouragement from Benson. In "True Believers", Cutter takes the lead in a case where a college music student (Sofia Vassilieva) is raped at gunpoint by a drug dealer. She has allowed her compassion for victims of abuse to sometimes cloud her professional judgment and impede her ability to remain impartial. His partner is Olivia Benson, with whom he generally has a good working relationship, but it is not without tension and friction, especially in seasons 7 and 8 when they are separated as partners for some time. Very little is known about Huang's personal life, other than that he is gay, which he noted in season 11's "Hardwired", has a sister (noted in "Inheritance"), and that he speaks Cantonese and Mandarin. Referred to as the executive assistant to the District Attorney, or the DA's "number two", Haden is a dedicated prosecutor who is assigned a case with Benson and the SVU squad when the CEO of a private military contractor is confronted by Occupy Wall Street protesters and later found drugged and sexually assaulted in a park. Notes: Hello, friends! Tucker privately reveals to Benson he is dying of lung cancer, that has metastasized to his brain, causing memory loss. After Vice Officer Rachel Wilson blames Tucker for ignoring her rape at the hands of Internal Affairs Officer Gary Wald before her suicide, Tucker records a confession from Wald to make things right. Barba is a headstrong, by-the-book prosecutor, who puts pressure on not only the detectives, but also the victims and witnesses. Elizabeth can count herself among this elite group of actors, as she also previously played Dr. Franz in a Season 11 SVU episode.. She and Stabler get off to a rocky start, but they eventually form a solid partnership. Actor Character First episode Last episode Number of appearances Then, in the episode's final scene, Benson rejoins Barba at Forlini's for one last call before the bar closes. Afterwards, he and his father mutually cut ties with Darius for his actions. Although he feuded with the squad for many years, Tucker slowly became an ally for Benson after she took over for Cragen as squad commander. ET. Amaro is clearly rattled by this and goes as far as to threaten to shoot Detective Brian Cassidy if Cassidy did not tell him for whom he was working undercover. FBI Agent Dana Lewis, who first introduced in the season 7 episode "Raw" while working undercover to bring down a white supremacist group as "Star Morrison". During the investigation to prove his innocence, he discovered that he was being framed by his former captain and mentor, whom he turns in and is cleared by IAB. In season 14, Munch is temporarily reassigned to the Cold Case Unit, after solving a decade old cold child abduction case in the episode, "Manhattan Vigil". He tells Benson that he took early retirement from the FBI in order to return to New York, where he is now doing private consulting. Rollins appears to be a detective who is very anxious to do her job, often being told not to get ahead of herself by Detectives Benson and Amaro, and Captain Cragen. Unlike his older, more seasoned colleagues, he has difficulty keeping his emotions in check when confronted by the horrific crimes he sees. Since being promoted to Sergeant at the beginning of season 9, Munch has taken more of a leadership role and does less investigating in the field, partially due to the fact that Tutuola was partnered with Detective Lake in season 9. Simon Marsden is Detective Benson's half-brother whom she discovers through a DNA kinship analysis. Executive ADA David Haden, the prosecutor who is re-investigating the case and Benson's love interest, is confronted by Ellis about their relationship and threatens to expose them if they didn't do the right thing. A former Marine and a dedicated detective, he has a 97 percent closure rate,[1] but his dedication can turn to obsession and cause him to take cases personally. ", "Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Annabella Sciorra to Reprise Role for NBC's SVU",, Episodes: "And the Empire Strikes Back" present, This page was last edited on 25 February 2023, at 22:31. She developed a deep compassion for the mentally ill afterward, but still feels guilty for not being able to help him, as shown in season 9's "Blinded." Beginning in season 13, Tutuola's primary partner is Detective Rollins. He also eventually wins his colleagues' respect and friendship. As seen in "Heartfelt Passages", Dep. Geoffrey Downs. In the fifth episode of season 16, it is revealed he has permanently joined the Manhattan SVU team. Benson enlists attorney Bayard Ellis to act as Simon's lawyer, but she is shocked when Captain Cragen alerts her that Simon has kidnapped the children from foster care. Sophie Devere. Barba offers to spare James' office further embarrassment as long as the investigator is convicted for the murder in Suffolk County. Though originally a recurring character, she became a regular cast member in season 7, remaining through season 12; she reverted to being a recurring character in season 13. It is implied that friend and former boss Liz Donnelly (Judith Light) aided in her censure, leading to her replacement by ADA Kim Greylek in season 10. During a heated exchange with Amaro, he pointedly asks her whether she can ever forgive Lewis; she does not answer and he apologizes. In fact, folks saw it firsthand last week when Mariska shared a few behind-the-scenes selfies on Instagram celebrating two of her . It is discovered that Ken was searching for the woman and baby that his half-brother, Darius, said he had killed. Although Benson is at first wary of Haden, they are both surprised to find they work well together. The father is revealed to be Declan Murphy, who came back to New York during Super Bowl weekend 2015 to infiltrate a sex trafficking ring. Dr. Rebecca Hendrix is a former police officer who was at the police academy with Detective Benson. No thanks, just show me the news. [34], Lahti again returned to SVU for two episodes, in the series' twelfth season. After they finally find Marsden holding the River Park Police Captain hostage, it is discovered that the Captain is setting Marsden up, and Porter decides to drop charges the FBI had against Marsden. In addition to his own private practice, he often testifies for the prosecution as an expert witness on whether a defendant is legally sane to stand trial. Keep me up to date! Kathy is extracted from the car by firefighters and placed in the ambulance, where she goes into labor and delivers a baby boy before she becomes unconscious again. In the season 20 premiere "Man Up", it is revealed that Stone blames himself for her death, and has been drinking heavily and having anonymous sex to numb the guilt. New york city defense attorney. When Benson goes to Ganzel's loft to speak with Cassidy again, they walk outside to what appears to be an attempted theft of Ganzel's car. Simmons also played another character in Law & Order continuityColonel Alexander Rausch in the Homicide: Life on the Street Season 4 episode "For God and Country", a continuation of the Law & Order Season 6 episode "Charm City". Rollins is revealed to be pregnant in the two-part season 17 opener when she is interviewing serial killer Dr. Gregory Yates (Dallas Roberts). In season 12, Paxton makes a surprise return to SVU and served as the Executive ADA in the ninth episode ("Gray") to prove to the DA that she hadn't lost her 'winning ways'. One exception occurs in the episode "Burned", in which he compares a teenage suspect to his own son and admits that he enjoys rollerblading and Nintendo. It is discovered that the officer who shot him was contracted by Ganzel to shoot Cassidy after Ganzel finds the bugs that the DA's office had installed in his loft. As the trial goes on, it is discovered that the defendant suffers from lead poisoning caused by Chinese-made products. This is a great post, thank you for putting everything together. She's coming to clean things up. Dodds is a recipient of the US Flag Bar, World Trade Center Breast Bar, NYPD Meritorious Police Duty, NYPD Excellent Police Duty, and NYPD 150th Commemorative Breast Bar. When Cassidy's lawyer questions him, he is forced to reveal that he had a romantic relationship with the sister of a drug lord he was investigating undercover. Cabot tells the detectives that the Justice Department called Greylek back to Washington and DA Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) let her leave immediately. He is not seen or heard from again until the episode "Return of the Prodigal Son," where it is revealed he has been working as an international liaison for the NYPD working to take down organized crime since having come out of retirement in 2017. Her bread and butter involves defending celebrities, medical professionals, and even fellow lawyer criminals, and she's proven, over the past eight seasons, that she will stand behind them no matter what even if they are shown confessing on video. When closing arguments wrapped up, the judge turned Murdaugh's fate over to jurors after giving them his final instructions, and they headed to their jury room to begin deliberations . Law & Order is an American police procedural and legal drama television series created by Dick Wolf and produced by Wolf Entertainment, launching the Law & Order franchise.. Law & Order aired its entire run on NBC, premiering on September 13, 1990, and completing its 20th season on May 24, 2010.