Weve got the staff, the facilities, and the unique programming that guarantees the camper will experience success and FUN on a daily basis. The views from the campsite are spectacular and include miles of mountain vistas and natural beauty which set the tone for the perfect summer camp experience. Its natural to miss mom and dad when youre away. That's why we live for camp! We recruit individuals who are willing and able to put the interests of the campers first. Campers traveling by air are allowed to travel with a cell phone, but these phones are collected and returned for the trip home. Consequently, we limit campers to one phone call every two weeks. If your child's friend is the same age, grade, and enrolled for the same session, completing a bunk request form will ensure that the friends are bunked together. The lake happens to be one of the most popular activity sites in camp! Most staff members are education or child care majors recruited from colleges and universities from across America. The bus ride to camp is the first camp activity of the summer! Amazing things happen when kids are having the time of their lives! They return to their cabin with their counselors at 10:00pm. Tours of the campsite are available year-round. Many of them are staff instructors and have a specialty in a particular art, sport or adventure program area. We have an indoor riding ring, an indoor flying trapeze facility, indoor creative arts center, gymnastics center, large sports center, indoor facilities for theater, dance, music, rock band, woodworking, and a huge rec hall, culinary arts building, and circus building to accommodate large group activities. CampMinder, the camp's management program, handles this service and also hosts the camp's summer photo gallery, which featured more than 10,000 photos last summer! It's a terrific location for a summer camp! Made some days harder than others. We are so confident in our expertise with first-time campers that we back up our services with a refund policy you wont find anywhere else. Note: Click on the linked heading text to expand or collapse accordion panels. Professional care givers (division directors) stand ready to jump in and lend a hand when needed. All senior staff members live on campgrounds and are accommodated in close proximity to the living quarters of our campers - no more than 50 feet away. In addition to boating activities, campers also swim in the lake because Pennsylvania lakes are typically warm during the summer! 17 Reviews. His "hands-on" direction ensures that the care and safety of each child is always the highest priority. On July 16, one day after the last incident at Camp Bonim, Spencer was charged with aggravated assault for allegedly driving into a counselor from the camp outside a local Turkey Hill store, breaking his leg. Our camp chefs are culinary professionals who have been preparing healthy and nutritious meals for Lohikan campers for many years. Camp Lohikan. Camp Lohikan has been owned and operated by the Buynak family since 1957. Senior staff members and program heads bring years of experience to the camp program and provide professional instruction and supervision. 1,001 were here. Any questions, call us. The camp absorbs the loss for the days the camper leaves early and you lose nothing! As described earlier, they start their first week of camp in a cabin-structured program. Typically, we have campers from over 25 states and 19 countries. These special skills clinics include Spy Camp, Survival Camp, the DJ Clinic, the Rock Band Clinic, the Paintball Clinic, and the Horse Care Clinic. And theyre surrounded by highly skilled staff members who enjoy working with children. All staff members are required to complete a written application, provide excellent references (which are checked), document their experience working with children, and must evidence a strong desire to make a positive impact upon the lives of young people. In-service training sessions are scheduled every two weeks to reinforce and enhance the skills and knowledge of our staff. Our camp is also 50% winterized and we operate longer than the summer season. Lastly, Lohikans lake is private and surrounded by camp property. Though the incidents quickly became the "talk of the camp," he said, most of the camp's 300 children, which age from 6 to 20, did not appear terribly concerned for their safety in the days that followed. The division director is the senior staff member who works most closely with the campers assigned to the division. The Open House is a perfect opportunity for first-time campers to meet, enjoy a barbecue, take a tour of the campgrounds, meet summer staff members and maybe even make a new camper friend! Senior staff members are available 24 hours a day. Amazing things happen when kids are having the time of their lives! Unlimited individual attention is sometimes required to help in tough cases. Double-decked bunk beds are kept to a minimum. Were about 130 miles northwest of New York City (2.5 hour drive) and 160 miles north of Philadelphia (3.25 hour drive). However, when it comes to helping a homesick child tackle the hurdles of being away from home, it takes more. Campers participating in the elective program receive an Activity Selection Form in the spring which is used to make activity choices for the first week of attendance. We're here to help. New campers are assigned to cabins with at least two other new campers. Parents are kept informed of their campers adjustment at camp by the division director. Program specialists, division directors, and counselors are on hand when these activity choices are made to help and advise the campers. Senior campers are scheduled activities with other seniors except for activities that work well with a variety of ages, e.g., drama productions, circus shows, etc. All of our staff members are trained to identify the tell-tale signs of homesickness and how to teach or reinforce the skills to overcome it. At this size we have found that our camper population is large enough in each age group to support a full and varied camp program (especially team sports), yet small enough to ensure our personal involvement with each camper. All of the cabins are well-maintained, comfortable, wooden structures. No phone calls are made within the first ten days of the campers arrival into camp. For 67 years we have provided a safe, nurturing camp environment where children try new things, learn new skills, make friends, and most of all have FUN! Camp Lohikan operates a structured program. There is nothing you are required to purchase. Creating opportunities for all children to improve self-esteem and build confidence is central to our camp mission. (2) Parents with the ability to control what activities must appear, as well as those activities that must never appear. Lohikan attracts campers who are looking to make NEW FRIENDS, learn NEW SKILLS, and have FUN! These manuals establish required supervision levels, equipment checks, and operating guidelines to ensure the safe participation of all campers. Our Spring Open house is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, April 29th and Sunday, April 30th. We do our best to accommodate campers with special dietary needs or food allergies. MEDIA ARTS: Radio Broadcasting, Photography, Video Production, Email, Computers, Newspaper They assume responsibilities for health care, camper counseling, staff management, food service, program operations, camp administration, year-round operations, transportation and maintenance. Camp Lohikan June 7, 2016 By SEVENNATIONARMY BRONZE, BLUEBELL, Alabama More by this author Five years ago, I went to Camp Lohikan for the first time. Just think, youll have camp friends from all over the world! At a quarter mile above sea level our mountain air is clean and dry. Senior staff members are teachers, coaches, and childcare professionals who join us for the summer season and supervise our campers, counselors and instructors and direct various aspects of the activity program. They learn about themselves and how to manage lifes challenges. Cell phones are prohibited in camp. Parents control what activities are mandatory and cannot be changed by making the original selection on the campers Activity Selection Form in ink. We have 38 years of elective programming experience so "we know our stuff". Senior activities are generally coed except for contact sports. It takes a lot of time and effort to find counselors who will meet the needs and expectations of our campers and parents. If there is a problem, you can count on Mark to solve it. Evening activities for intermediates and seniors end at about 9:30pm. The remaining campers are returning campers, which is a good thing. The camp sits on a mountain top and occupies over 1200 acres, which includes its own spring . Based upon the laundry schedule and turnaround time, we recommend that your child have enough clothes to last eight days. Each morning, before the program begins, there's an activity change period when campers can make changes in their schedule of activities. AJET SKIING INSTRUCTORS: Camp Lohikan is a frstclass summer camp ying in the Pocono Mountains ofPennsylvania Our camper rang in age fom 6 t 15 and com t camp from all over the world So does our taff!We paythe BEST salares t recrutthe BEST staf. We have found that cell phones interfere with a camper's acclimation to camp life and impedes the development of independence, which is a camp goal. CampMinder is your access to all things camp! Everyone from our general counselors to our tennis pro understands that an important goal of the summer is the campers growth as a person. The data is entered into our computer scheduling program, which creates the campers schedule of activities for the first week. SENIORS are campers entering the eighth through tenth grades (13 to 15 years old). The inter-camp games program is operated for kids who enjoy the thrill of competition. Cons. Amazing things happen when the child is having FUN in our supportive, caring environment. We also train staff members in the proper use of fire extinguishers, which are attached to every building. Camp Lohikan is located at 343 Wallerville Rd in Lake Como, Pennsylvania 18437. [3] History [ edit] Mike and Arlene Buynak founded Camp Lohikan in 1957. If you have any questions about how your camper is doing, the division director will be able to give you up to the minute details. We consider our program to be noncompetitive. Camp Lohikan is located in the Pocono Mountains of northeast Pennsylvania, just outside the village of Lake Como in Wayne County. The daily activities for inter campers are gender-specific, except for performing arts, circus arts, creative arts and media arts. Mark is a very hands-on camp director. Most kids take the bus to camp if the bus pickup site is located within a convenient driving distance of home. We also have campers who come from Western and Eastern Europe, North and South America and Asia. The INTERMEDIATE division is composed of campers entering the sixth and seventh grades (11 and 12 years old). We post photos of campers every day of the summer! Our summer season extends for approximately eight weeks and many of our campers enroll for the entire season. Our key management staff have over 200 years of combined camp experience. What sets Camp Lohikan apart from other camps is our program and staff. Camp Lohikan is a fun place to work for a summer or two before getting a "real" job. The division director checks in with each camper in the division on a daily basis. We are serious about seeking out those kind individuals who will be excellent role models and warm, nurturing staff members. Emergency medical service is located less than 4 miles from the camp and we are within 30 minutes of the Wayne County Hospital, a 24-hour fully-equipped hospital where a wide variety of specialists are available. There's no focus on fashion, social status, or competition. 9:05 - 12:15 - Three one-hour morning activity periods. Safety always comes first at Camp Lohikan. We also have a dentist on call during the summer for our campers. All the victims were in the van which . As a result, our campers stand taller and walk with more confidence after the camp experience. On sunny days campers are checked for the application of sunscreen. If you have any questions, please call us at 908-470-9317. Junior campers (4th grade and younger) travel together as a cabin group with their cabin counselor(s) according to a schedule of activities designed for the age and sex of the cabin. Weather, requests to travel with friends, and inter-camp games schedules are just a few reasons to make daily changes. Lohikans elective program is computerized which allows for parental controls, attendance supervision, and guaranteed placement in the activities that you and your child choose! Our director, Mark Buynak, has been an ACA Certified Director since 1984. Business Outlook. It's evident in the selection of caring, fun-loving counselors and involved supervisors, the design of our dynamic camp program, the range of activity choices and even the little, but important, things like how we celebrate camper birthdays and tooth fairy visits. Instructor staff members are trained in the camps procedures related to their specialty. Its the ideal individualized program and is a huge success with our older campers. Other clinics feature activities and instruction in skills not offered in the camps regular daily activity program. Most activities offer limitless scheduling time. HORSEBACK RIDING: Horseback Riding (English), Horse Care, Horseback Overnights, Horseshows, Trail Rides, Stable Management We also have a number of fun water park activities at the lake like the 14 tall Lake Iceberg, the 150' Lake Waterslide, the Tarzan Swing, the Water Trampoline and Blob, the Rolling Log and the Banana Boat! Credentials and experience: Lohikans senior staff are composed of high school and college coaches, teachers and other professionals. Our breakfast bar offers a variety of cereals, fruit, yogurt and other delicious items in addition to a hot, home-cooked entre. Lunch and dinner meals feature two large salad bars, baked potato bar and a pasta bar. A lot of our daily activities are noncompetitive by nature and many campers schedule these activities exclusively. I was ten years old. Inter campers and super juniors on the elective program are scheduled together. In addition to distinguished program heads (e.g., Horseback Riding, Circus, Theater, Dance, Music, Rock Band, Swimming, Waterfront, Adventure, Survival Camp, Spy Camp, etc.) Senior activities are coed except for contact sports. Inters are generally scheduled activities by gender. Hearing a parents voice can be difficult even for a well-adjusted camper. The majority of the beds in most cabins are single beds. We guarantee that campers can schedule a minimum of 14 periods (approximately 14 hours) a week of instruction in any activity. EXTREME SPORTS: Honda Quads ATVs (4 wheelers), Mountain Boarding, Skateboarding, In-Line Skating, Mountain Biking, Bungee Trampoline, Paintball, Giant Swing, Dirt Bikes AQUATICS: Swimming Instruction, Free Swim, Lifeguard Class, Sailing, Jet Skiing, Canoeing, Fishing, Water Skiing, Wake Boarding, Boogie Boarding, Windsurfing, Paddle Boating, Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Boating, Rowing, Water Polo, Scuba If you have any questions, please call us at 908-470-9317. Trained and experienced child-care professionals (division directors) supervise the counselors and monitor camper welfare on a daily basis. Recently there was an incident at Camp Lohikan that goes against our philosophy of tolerance and understanding. Lake use is restricted to camp residents. Items for sale include camp t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, souvenirs, and similar items. After the first week, the campers original Activity Selection Form is returned and used to make choices for the next week. WATER PARK: Iceberg Activity, Lake Trampoline, Tarzan Swing, Rolling Log, Banana Boating, Water Slide The personality, character, credentials and experience of our staff makes each of them unique. The staff training period covers a wide variety of topics such as risk management, first aid, emergency procedures, preventing bullying behaviors, group dynamics, camper behavior management, camper homesickness, camp rules and regulations, and program operations.